Born in New York, I escaped to San Francisco in 1983. Drawing, painting and photography were an important part of my life from childhood.  An understanding mother-- a science teacher with a degree in chemistry-- let me skip high school chemistry in favor of a ceramics class.  That led to supplemental art classes, a Bachelor of Fine Arts  in design from Syracuse University, a Masters in teaching from College of Notre Dame and further art studies at Skidmore College and a variety of other venues.  I taught junior high school art and and also photography through San Francisco City College. I also ran my own pottery for a while. Then, the reality of making a living led to law school and a 28 year career as a lawyer. 

Now I'm back to full time artmaking and teaching art - and couldn't be happier.  I continue to study and paint with various artists who provide a deep pool of talent and generosity. The cityscapes of San Francisco, landscapes of northern California and rich scenes of Italy and other parts of Europe and the world are grist for much of my work - both realistic and abstract.  With Marin, Napa, Sonoma and Mendocino counties in my backyard, I do a lot of plein air painting.  Travels in Italy and beyond fuel the colorful imagery found in my photographic images, sketches and paintings. 

I hope you enjoy my work!